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photo of Robert Wilton

Robert Wilton

(Geography & Earth Sciences), B.A. (Hull), M.A.,Ph.D. (Univ. of Southern California)

Associate Professor | Associate Director of School of Geography & Earth Sciences

Other Co-researchers included


Patrick DeLuca (School of Geography & Earth Sciences, McMaster University),

Nick Marquis (Faculty of Social Sciences, McMaster University), and

Adrienne Chambon (Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto).

Research assistants:

Cicely Arthur - done
Athena Goodfellow – Cicely meeting with her in December
Jessica Carriere – Ann has

Research members: (or participants?)

Questions to ask for bio:

Introduce yourself. Anything about yourself you would like the public to know? Like what you do for work/volunteering, hobbies, interests ?

What interested you about this project? What were the reasons you decided to get involved? Why is the project important to you?

How were you involved? What activities did you do?

Is there anything you hope the project will achieve? For example, what you hope it will teach people?

Larry – Ann will provide

Kevin – Ann will provide

Donna – Cicely will call

Sean S. – Ann will provide

Sean R.  – Cicely interviewing

Renée Masching

Renée Masching

Affiliated Research Centre


My name is Rex. I live in house. I like to go for walks, I like to listen to music, go bowling, and visit friends. I have a job which I enjoy. I will have a pension for myself when I retire which I’m happy about.

I found out about the project through Ann Fudge at a meeting. I enjoyed going for walks with the recorder with Cicely and Athena. I enjoyed the walks. The project is important to me because it has helped me connect with other people, like the other research members. I consider them to be new friends.

I contributed to the project by sharing my experiences on the walks, contributing to the artwork at the drama workshops and documentary preparation with Adam, the filmmaker. I also interviewed people during the documentary, which made me feel like Safer from 60 minutes. I’ve always been good at helping people out, and this project has given the opportunity to do that.

In the future, I would like to show the documentary to more people in schools. I want to find out what students think about, and have a discussion about their ideas.

I want to see it continue to be shown in big theatres, then have a chance after for discussion.


My name is Palma Infusino. I live with my parents. I have three older brothers. I have three nieces and one nephew. I am currently working on my English and Math at an adult literacy program. My goal is to go to college and study social work to help kids with autism, or anyone who has a learning disability. I have a mild intellectual delay and struggle with anxiety. In my spare time I like to hang out with friends. I like to colour, paint, and draw as well. I like to take care of my nieces and nephew.

One of my teachers at George Brown College told us about the My Life in the City project, and asked if we wanted to participate. I thought it sounded interesting because I wanted to meet other people going through similar experiences.

I participated in city walks, and showed researchers where I hang out. We went on the train together, and went everywhere that is important to me. I did drama workshops with Jenny and Stephen, and I enjoyed doing the arts and crafts activities and roleplaying. I interviewed in the documentary and the experience made me feel like a movie star. 

I hope this project spreads the word to other people struggling with similar experiences. I want it to help reduce the stigma about people with a disability. We learn in different ways and people need to appreciate that. People shouldn’t judge each other based on how they learn, or how they look, or how they talk.

I hope it helps people be more open minded about what people with intellectual disabilities struggle with.


My name is Andrew. I’m 35 years old, and I did a research project called “My Life in the City”. I walked around my community, and did drama workshops. After I finished that, I was involved with the filming of the “My Life in the City” documentary. The documentary was in an old church where they filmed me, and asked me some questions about myself and what I did with the project. I was interested in getting involved with the project because it was a paid opportunity and I got to meet new people with disabilities and make new friends. I hope I can get involved with more projects in the future. I hope that the project teaches people that we can change. We are not the same as when we are little, and we can change our life as an adult. I had struggled with my behaviour as a kid, and now I am acting like an adult.


My name is Maria. My last name is Katsiampas. I like doing puzzles, I like to read books, watch movies and TV shows. I like to go to church, go shopping, and go bowling. I enjoy going on trips in our community. I volunteer at the Salvation Army either on Mondays or Tuesdays, where I collect hangers. I got involved with the “My life in the City” project because I got to meet new people. We went for walks together, and I shared my experiences at the library and taking the dog for a walk. We also got together with everyone and did arts and crafts as a group.  

I hope that the project will help others in the future.


My name is Nada Marie Christiane Mayla. I grew up in Greece, and moved to Canada. I speak English, French, Arabic, and Greek. I studied drawing, photography, and theatre at Seneca College in Toronto. I enjoy volunteering in child care and office administrative jobs. I am passionate about photography and theatre and have been involved in several plays including Rare and Shakespeare’s Midsummer’s Night Dream. I enjoy swimming, and have been an Athlete Ambassador of the Special Olympics, tennis, and gymnastics.

Drama consultants:

Steven Sillet  & Jenny (Cicely has)

Cheryl Zink (Cicely has)